Since the 1980’s, Jun Yin Bus Company has already been providing school bus service to students. Due to our continuous renewal and revolution of services, our company has received endless support from customers.

From the 1990’s, Jun Yin started providing the hiring touring buses as well as staff shuttle bus to and from work. Wedding service is also available on top of this.

During these 20 years, our company places customers’ needs as our first priority. Our principles included: safety, reliability, financially affordable and customers’ comfort.

Because of these reasons, it can be seen that our company has expanded from simply one type of bus to today’s different shapes and sizes of buses. This includes: 16, 24, 56 and 60 seated vehicles.

Our attitude, along with our good system of services makes many organizations and schools pleased with our performance. In addition, we provide proper training to all our staff in order to increase the quality and the safety standard of our services.